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FROM LEFT: Joe Morgan, Navy veteran and Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association member, who fired a machine gun at attacking Japanese planes, as bullets streaked around him. Jane Komeiji, whose mother was accused of trying to warn Hawai'i's Japanese Americans about the attack. Levi Moe Faufata Jr., whose 12-year-old sister was killed in anti-aircraft shelling on Dec. 7. Thompson Yoshinori 'Nori' Izawa, who at age 12 was fishing in Pearl Harbor waters when the attack began.


More than a date in history, Dec. 7, 1941, was an event that touched countless lives.

The 60th anniversary comes as America unites to recover from another attack — another defining moment.

This anniversary offers all of us a chance to share memories, to celebrate heroism, and to reflect on lessons learned.


Flash presentation of Pearl Harbor attack
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An in-depth look at the events leading up to Dec. 7, the attack itself and the attack's aftermath as researched by The Advertiser's Scott Ishikawa and Stephen Downes. Illustrated by Greg Taylor and prepared for the Web by Doug Masuda.

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Memories of the morning of Dec. 7, 1941 remain indelibly eteched in the minds of survivors and witnesses of the Pearl Harbor attack. See and hear their stories as they are interviewed by Lee Cataluna, Advertiser staff writer:

Ramsay S. Hishinuma, a teen in 1941 who witnessed the bombing from 'Ewa Beach (2.9 MB)
Nettie Duarte, a Waikiki resident who remembers the terror of her neighbors (1.4 MB)
Henry Chu, a shipyard worker who recalls helping to save the USS Raleigh (1.5 MB)

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Daniel Rita, a Pearl Harbor shipyard worker who tells of seeing the faces of the Japanese pilots (424k).
Claude Ortiz recalls the first frightening minutes of the Japanese attack (590k).

Virtual tour
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Panorama view from within the USS Arizona Memorial by Cory Lum, Advertiser photographer.


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